WOW. Long time no update…

What the hell has been up with Jeremy lately? I’ll tell you.  I photograph him from time to time while he saves citizens from certain death, so I can act as his spokesman too, I guess.  Either way, Jeremy hasn’t really been up to much (other than saving nuns from flaming buses and orphans from certain doom).  Something to note, though, is that Jeremy may be looking to move into the New Philadelphia area to make for a smoother transition to the Canton area to be closer to family and friends in that area. 

Through this physical relocation endeavor, Jeremy plans to be able to hang out with close friends more often (see: Jake, Dave, Ben, Mallory, etc…) as well as family (see: Vickie[mother], Doug[fatherly figure], Tim[brother], and hopefully the Foss clan).  Another up-side to this move is that Jeremy will be finding new means of acquiring legal tender (that’s money, for those of you who are retards).  Jeremy hopes to bring his expertise in entry-level programming to a new organization whose primary goal is to make Jeremy’s life better in every possible way.  This business will (if all goes according to plan) be located in far off Beachwood, Ohio, and will praise him for his superior ability to be entry-level at best. 

This means that Jeremy will have the proper funding for privately owned transit and will be able to afford travel with the loads of vacation time his new employer will bestow upon him.  I am looking forward to the next phase in Jeremy’s life, as I move where he does.  A bit of the past will be rekindled in good times with old friends, and that rekindling will spark the fire that is the future of Jeremy’s life in career-oriented success.  Jeremy will be taking the love of his life along with him for this trip through self-expansion.  Only a little bit at first, but exponentially more as time goes on and Jeremy finds his way out of the enormous monetary hole his former self dug for him long ago.

All of this may happen fast, it may happen slow… but do know, that it will happen and make Jeremy’s life all the better. 

Some things to keep in mind while reading this:

     Assume that the yin to Jeremy’s yang, Josh, will be with him through all endeavors.
     Assume that sidekick of Jeremy[but of no less value than Jeremy], Rob, will be with him through the majority of moves.
     Assume that Jeremy will FUCK YOUR FACE WITH A HAMMER!




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3 Responses to

  1. fakeXfrowns says:


    in other words: FAG.
    i misses you.

  2. hahaha
    what WHAT when are you moving back here ass head
    You make me happy.

  3. i haven’t been on xanga in such a long time. they change everything on the site, so it was all sorts of confusing at first. anyways- looking back at this entry, i just realized that you put me into the “close friends” category. that’s pretty lame.

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