I really have to poop.  I really wish that I could poop.

I’m not a big fan of being in a mexican stand-off with my body.

Its like, on one hand, I can’t poop, therefore toxins stay in my body and I get sick. On the other hand, when I eat, I add more toxins.  I can’t stop eating until the poop goes south, or the vitamins and minerals that are keeping me from being completely dead won’t be in me.


I need to poop.

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  1. haha- my poor boyfriend… ❤
    if it makes you feel any better, i smashed into my own car door today so hard that i puked. i think i might have a concussion. awesome, huh?!
    love youuuuuu.

  2. if you don’t poop soon you’ll vomit turds. you’ve been warned.

  3. i cant believe its going on for this long, baby…and i cant help being worried! 
    i miss you MORE ❤

  4. you are aware that my post was from last week, right? your ‘lol’ is a little late, but still appreciated… =)

  5. geek00100001 says:

    Man, xanga is so 2006. Get with it man 🙂


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