we moved… josh and i… again.

i would give out the address but no one will visit us here, just like the last place we lived because its too far away, even though josh and i drive to YOUR houses all the damn time. psh.

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  1. hey! i visited all the time.
    parking lot.white house.back door.aka the door not by the road.
    haha, lovers you! ❤

  2. hurstclan says:

    Did you drive to our house?

  3. you never drove to my house. Liar. Is this new residence closer than a state away

  4. i’m once again the first visitor! i pwn everyone.

  5. hi, i miss you. i have a class with some girl named rachelle and i think i met her at your house. crazy.

  6. angelbunny52 says:

    Good!! haha ill be sure to let u know when!!

  7. angelbunny52 says:

    because i said so
    we’re watchin it together so that u dont have to! haha

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