So what is new in Jeremy’s world?

Not too much, just working and doing a bunch of nothing, really. This is probably the only year I’ve been this excited for a football season, most of the rest of the years I don’t even know when it starts, but I decided to join up a fantasy league with Baker and The Smuck… Makes things a little more interesting, and you can watch practically every game and hope for someone to do well.

Other than that, I really do nothing. I tried to play some football and I broke my finger, which is still good and broken by the way, X-ray proven. Would be great if i could open a Jar of pickles or something like that.


I’m bored at work as usual right now, and I feel like sleeping very badly. Mallory came over last night and we made some awesome Bratwursts, not Keilbasa, though, because those are two completely different things.

Meh, I’m bored with typing now.

Later, friends.

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5 Responses to

  1. “No, baby- those aren’t the ones you want…bratwursts are sweet! I think you want the plain sausages.”  
    And as we’re walking away:
    “Oh, no- I’m thinking of Keilbasa! Nevermind.”
    haha, i lovers you.

  2. anything that looks like a turd I will not eat.
    Football is great I’m like addicted.
    I had a dream about you and Josh and JOHN FUCKING HOUY the other night and it was weird but it made me feel closer to you since I haven’t seen you in person in like 5 months.

  3. the_killa says:

    Sorry to hear about the finger Bro.

  4. that cast looks straight pimpin.
    i love how you just got bored with typing and quit 😉

  5. angelbunny52 says:

    🙂 hah dont worry jeremy..i wont become a slut..u know me better than that!

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