Why does life suck so bad?

What the hell. That’s all i can think.

So sunday i was playing football with some cousins, and i finally got to do some physical activity, for once. Awesome, huh ?


Someone throws a long bomb to me and my retarded self reaches out to catch it, only to have the ball crush my pinky. I know, I know, its just a pinky, and I kept playing for a little bit afterwards thinking i just stubbed it or something, so i  go throughout the rest of the day kind of in pain, but a pain i can deal with, i make a makeshift splint out of some tape and a nail file just in case while i slept. I woke up and it hurt more than the day before, was a little more swollen, now purple and i am very annoyed.

While at work and observing the finger, I figure, maybe i should get it checked out, becuase it hurts right on the knuckle and if it is broken, i dont want it to re heal all crooked and only be semi-useful in the future. I wished my pinky full recovery opportunities, because you use that damn thing a lot, i realize now. Especially when i type. dammit.

This is all still generally OK with me, i have insurance, and the pain has faded a little bit because i got used to it. Kind of just a throbbing burning broken feeling now. So i call around and get my insurance information, and things seem to be okay.

THey say the orthadontal(bone) docotr in the area is in my network! hooray! I call him up, and a few others just in case, and they all say, We have x ray machines here, and a bone doctor and things that could easily fix your problem, but you have to go to the ER to get that fixed.

A little run around i guess, but still, ok, because my co-pay is $15 for pretty much everything.

Moments later, i find out that my co pay is $15 for everything except an ER visit.

The ER visit co-pay is $150 or 10%. I’m not sure if i pay which is more or which is less, but …still… suck.

Now I’m angry with a possibly broken finger and no way of getting it fixed. woohoo.

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  1. haha, that’s funny. not that you got hurt, that sucks. But that we both got hurt on sunday! i was playing football too against some 30something drunk guys, and we were stomping them. but then someone threw a ball to me way short and i ended up stepping on it instead of catching it, and i goofed up my ankle! i’m thinking it’s not broke, but it was real swollen, and it’s still pretty swollen and starting to bruise. and i really don’t want to go to the hospital for any sort of treatment. And i always get mad at myself when i get hurt, cause it happens often. 3 cheers for football related injuries!

  2. Joojpop says:

    /laugh @ you both šŸ™‚

  3. sorry about the phalange.
    Insurance is rad.
    But I thought orthodontists were the ones that straightened teeth.

  4. IOUone says:

    I’m sorry that doesn’t sound very fun. šŸ˜¦

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