This was the worst day I have ever experienced.

I truly believe this is the saddest I have ever been in my entire life.

rip DUKE

i loved that dog more than life itself. the last thing he did was give me a kiss on the cheek as the vet gave him the shot. then josh and i buried him under a huge tree. He was the best dog that has ever lived, and I’m positive of this.

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  1. im sorry bro. he was awesome.

  2. xenojaker says:

    he was more than awesome, he was damn smart, he never bought our marzapan bullshit, and he was fun, he always gave tonka a whoopin when we asked, and he was magic, he opened doors without any thumbs, and he was an amazing friend, he would always hang out with us and seem happy, and he would never let anyone bother the people he cared about, and i will always remember all this and more, i think about it now, and he truly embodied the best things in life. sad to see him go. miss him when he’s gone.

  3. SMR_06 says:

    aw thats so sad, i’m sorry.

  4. he was our best freind

  5. he was the best dog EVER! and i’m really gonna miss him…</3

  6. ps: haha, jake- he never fell for the “marzapan” trick!

  7. NOO! Duke was my favorite. This is terrible news 😦 But his memory lives on, and his hair is still on lots of your things.

  8. angelbunny52 says:

    aww im sorry 😦 he was a great dog!

  9. Duke definitely was a bad mamma jamma. <33333
    yeah swimming before summer is over would be ideal

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about Duke man. =[Just think of it this way – he’ll fertilize the earth now and become one with it. And grow into a tree one day. Someone will chop him down and grind him into paper and print the story of Jeremy + Duke onto it. You’ll buy it and forever have Duke with you.

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