matt came over last night.. we played some football over at thompson park.. hadnt been there yet.. its a nice place. was cool to see matt too, though.. hadnt seen him in forever. i love that guy. i hope he has a good time in london with the muslims.

other than that life is pretty boring.. feeling mildly depressed because this will be the longest i’ve spent away from mallory in .. 9 months or so… but i know everything will be alrght.. its just nice to see her once in a while, ya know? ha.

anywho.. im gona go do some laundry and probably cry a bit because i shot myself in the nipple earlier with an airsoft gun. yeah it pretty much hurt so much i crapped my pants. haha.. my niples are more sensitive than i previously had thought… šŸ˜›

im outta here, bitches. love to you all.

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  1. time apart is depressinggggg and really hard, but it’ll be okay. the suckiest part is missing out on fun stuff with you. fun stuff like matt and the park. not the bats though- eww. and HOW did you shoot yourself in the nipple?! nevermind, i dont even want to know.
    ps: we’ve only been together 8 months, baby! actually its 8 months exactly today. haha- love you…<3

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